Septarian Palm Stone Gallet (Dragon Stone)

Septarian Palm Stone Gallet (Dragon Stone)

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Septarian Palm Stone

Septarian helps balance the body, mind, and spirit. It will ensure peace and harmony in all aspects of your being so that you will be able to face the daily challenges of life with confidence and grace. Septarian helps remove stress and anxiety, and it can help you relax. It’s a very helpful tool in meditation because it’s also a great calming stone. Septarian is said to be grounding and to help capture your audience's attention. It is also said to help improve your patience.

Septarian is composed of Calcite, which makes up the yellow centers and Aragonite which are the brown lines. The outer grey rock is Limestone.

Measurement: ~ 2.75"-3.2" x 1.75"

Location: Madagascar

Chakras - Root Chakra
Zodiac - Taurus & Virgo
Planet - Mercury
Element- Earth

* You will receive 1 Septarian Palm stone intuitively chosen for you.

*These are natural stones, please allow for a slight variation in color and size with each one. Minimal surface cracks are to be expected on some of our stone varieties