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Scolecite Palm Stone
Scolecite Palm Stone
Scolecite Palm Stone

Scolecite Palm Stone

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Polished Scolecite Palm Stone

Scolecite is a high vibrational stone that helps with balance, giving you feelings of deep peace to help you along your spiritual journey. It's wonderful for people who have to spend a large amount of time in high-energy environments, particularly introverts & empaths. It is a stone of peacefulness and connection. Scolecite is excellent to use for meditation, enhanced sleep, and lucid dream work.

Chakra: Third Eye & Crown
Zodiac: Capricorn

This listing is for 1 Scolecite Palm Stone

Measurements ~

*Due to natural formations in the stones, each tool will be unique and vary in size and color from the picture that is listed. Minimal surface cracks are to be expected on some of our stone varieties. No stone is the same so expect yours to look somewhat different than the picture on the product page unless otherwise stated.