Chalcopyrite Crystal
Chalcopyrite Crystal
Chalcopyrite Crystal
Chalcopyrite Crystal

Chalcopyrite Crystal

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Chalcopyrite is a powerful energy conduct that is known for tempering the soul and putting one through the fires of truth. The benefits of this stone are never-ending, as it has various abilities, including its ability to heighten the abilities of perception, aides one to reach and maintain a meditative state, assisting with strengthening the connection to the universe and linking the mind to the mystical realms. These mystical realms are ancient areas where one can explore, access information and retain sacred knowledge, including more insight on the truth behind the Universe and how it works.

Chalcopyrite has the ability to remove negative energy blockages within each Chakra and shortly after beings to open each. However, it tends to focus more on activating the higher Chakras, especially the Crown, because it is within this energy center that white light is filtered into the body. It enhances the movement of Qi, Life Force energy, around the body, which stabilizes cellular energy as higher frequencies are integrated. After the body begins filling with white light energy, Chalcopyrite will begin to ground and smooth the energy flow within the body. Therefore, this stone is also a beneficial grounding stone.

*Chalcopyrite brassy color with a metallic luster, bornite is the blue color.
Copper, Pyrite and quartz / Gold and Blue color.

*You will receive the exact crystal shown in photograph.

All crystals are cleansed and charged prior to shipping to you.

Gemstone: Chalcopyrite (Morocco)
Size: 2 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1 1/2"
Weight: ~ 92.3g (3.26oz)
Quantity: 1piece
Color: Gold,green, purple

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