Money & Wealth Attraction Crystal Set
Money & Wealth Attraction Crystal Set

Money & Wealth Attraction Crystal Set

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🌟 Attract Wealth with Our Crystal Set! 🌟

Harness the power of nature's abundance with our specially curated crystal set designed to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. This set includes:

🔮 Pyrite: Known as "Fool's Gold," pyrite is a powerful stone for manifesting money and abundance. It encourages a positive outlook and helps you take action towards your financial goals.

🔮 Jade: A symbol of serenity and purity, jade is believed to attract good luck and financial success. It also promotes harmony and balance, ensuring that wealth flows smoothly into your life.

🔮 Citrine: Often called the "Merchant's Stone," citrine is a powerful crystal for attracting wealth and success. It is said to carry the energy of the sun, bringing light and positivity into your financial endeavors.

🔮 Bonus Crystal: Receive a complimentary crystal to enhance the power of your set and amplify your intentions.

🌟 How to Use: Place these crystals in your home or office to create a harmonious environment that attracts wealth and prosperity. Meditate with them or carry them with you to stay aligned with your financial goals.

🌟 Limited Stock Available: Order now to attract wealth and abundance into your life!

***This listing is for one (3) gemstones ( Pyrite, Jade & Citrine ) and a storage pouch. The colors range as seen in the pictures. The normal-sized tumbled can range from approximately ~ 1.25" -2"