Flower Agate Freeform 4.4"
Flower Agate Freeform 4.4"

Flower Agate Freeform 4.4"

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Plume Flower Agate Freeform Standup

4.4" Flower Agate polished standup display stone from Madagascar. This freeform display piece has been cut flat on the bottom, allowing the piece to stand on its own nicely. This aesthetic piece is carved from a recent find of plume Agate found in Madagascar named Flower Agate. The material features soft pink plumes within the translucent Agate crystal with some banded patterns to the Agate. First mined about three years ago, this is among the first polished material to become available. The source of the pink color in the stone is not yet known. The piece is polished to a smooth finish with some natural pitting to the material showing some light crystallization within.

4.43" x 3" x 2.1" (113mm x 76mm x 53mm)

Weight: 1.7lbs (667 g)

Location: Madagascar

Due to natural formations in the stones, each tool will be unique and vary in size and color from the picture that is listed unless otherwise stated. Minimal surface cracks are to be expected on some of our stone varieties.